Larry Yeong
20 September 2015

“I have many friends who love to volunteer many different causes, who are very passionate about making our nation a better place. However, without a proper platform everyone is just doing on their own thing without proper direction. And this is why I started the Positive group with some friends. To gather like-minded positive individuals who wants to make a break through and a difference in someone else’s lives (and their own!)

I always believe that if we want to make a difference, we have to start with ourselves. If it’s not me, who else? If we want a better home, start from our self. If we want a better neighbourhood, start from our self. If we want a better country, we must also start from our self. Proof your love to the country by your contribution, not just your words.”

Larry Yeong is the co-founder or The Positive Group (TPG) – a platform for gathering positive ideas for the betterment of the community and achieve a good cause. TPG is unique as it runs like a business to generate its own money from various business ideas to support themselves.